Alexandre Pépin

Alexandre Pépin lives and works in Montréal. He earned a Bachelor’s in Studio Arts from Concordia University.

He paints groupings of imaginary objects at once evoking the toy-medium of modelling clay, and reminiscent of the vanitas pictorial genre, featuring allegorical representations of death and the passage of time. He also expresses the vanitas sense of emptiness of human passions and activities, through the accumulation of objects that we believe to own.

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Artist statement

Reflective of painting and modelling clay, my work represents a mould for an imaginary world that is constantly in flux. It is an infinite source of stories that emerge and untangle in matter, based on the roots of all creation: learning the very notion of how to play.

I favour modelling clay and paint, two media that are very similar in their colourful, malleable, reflective and representative essence. Through compositions that are playful, ironic and hyperrealistic, I confer on them the possibility of bringing together ambiguous objects, which are at once beautiful and dangerous, intriguing and preoccupying – much like unknown or strange life forms.

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