Geneviève Bilodeau-Blain

Born in Île-Perrot, Geneviève Bilodeau-Blain currently lives and works in Montréal. She originally had a strictly scientific scholastic background. Thanks to mentorship, in 2010, she simultaneously began painting and writing poetry in La Rochelle (France). She started by illustrating her poems, then the people she crossed paths with on her initiation voyage. Geneviève returned to Montréal to complete her studies in biology, and with an intention to pursue her artistic and poetic projects. She mixes collage and painting – juggling abstraction and figurative depictions – to illustrate the precarious equilibrium of our ecosystems. Also playing with the microscopic (molecules) and macroscopic (animals), her colour palettes are drawn from old science encyclopedias, which she is keen on cutting up and reworking. In 2017, her first poetry collection, La Cellule Naïve, relating the great storms of life that we have to weather, was published by Éditions OMRI. Skilled with words, acrylic paint and oil pastels, Geneviève is currently working on a figurative watercolour series. She therefore continues to explore different media in her personal interpretation process of the living world.

Artist statement

With a strictly scientific background, in 2010, my research subjects in biology became drawing models. As a self-taught artist, I combine poetry, collage and abstract painting to express the molecular order of things.

I mainly work with oil pastels and acrylic paint, which I integrate with collages. My work fits into the context of bio art. It is mostly created in nature, and involves the animal and plant resources that I come in contact with. Going from the microscopic (plankton) to the macroscopic (sea birds), my work is gentle and contemplative – perhaps in contrast to the epileptic rhythm of cities, and to reconnect with natural inner movements.

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