Maude Corriveau

Maude Corriveau lives and works in Montréal. In 2009, she earned a Bachelor’s in Visual and Media Arts at UQÀM. She started her career as an illustrator. In 2016, she started a Master’s in Visual and Media Arts at UQÀM, in which she had the opportunity to participate in an interuniversity exchange at the Ecole nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre, in Brussels. In 2018, she became an Instructor in the Certificate program in Visual and Media Arts at UQÀM.

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Artist Statement

Unearthed in second-hand shops or dollar stores due to their aesthetic qualities, I collect all sorts of objects that are cheap, festive, residual or without much value. This process prompts me to question the status of objects of consumption, which act as metaphorical mirrors of our cultural identities. Such objects conjure up hedonism, egocentricity, artifice, planned obsolescence… They are attributed subjective symbolic value that sometimes plunges them into the realms of childhood and kitsch, along with the effects of mockery and (dis)enchantment.

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