Michèle F. Bérard

Michèle F. Bérard is an emerging Montréal artist in the fields of painting and collage.

MFB Uses painting and collage to convey voyeurism. Through using a collection of amateur photographs, she examines the domestic environments of others to find narrative elements to reappropriate.

MFB questions herself on the safety of the spaces within our walls, these magical spaces in which identities are reconstituted. The use of vernacular photography places the artist in the position of voyeur, which she then shares and delegates to viewers. MFB’s approach always oscillates between representation and abstraction, between the sensuality of painting and the rigidity of collage.

MFB Currently works in Montréal. Her work was recently exhibited as part of the Reflet VII exhibition, at Maison de la culture Marie-Uguay, in Montréal.

Artist Statement

By searching through amateur photographs or salvaging found images, MFB examines and questions the domestic environments in which we live. Through such spaces, she finds narrative elements to reappropriate and redefine.

Ultimately motivated by the visual heritage of others, she articulates and reinvents these new spaces through painting, collage, and digital printing. The paintings and collages evoke daily scenes obstructed by unknown floating shapes, which prevent the viewer from seeing the entire scene and essence of the original story.

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