Natacha Nellis

Natacha Nellis was born in 1985 in Montréal, Québec, where she currently resides. Very quickly drawn to the arts and stage direction, her love of costumes and other personal interests prompted her to pursue collegial studies in fashion design in 2009. Her need for further freedom in production subsequently led her to reorient her studies to the visual arts. Her first pregnancy interrupted the course of her studies, which she then resumed directly at UQÀM in 2013, to complete a Certificate – still in Visual Arts.

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Artist Statement

All of my works are staged. Each one of them is developed through grappling with technique and playfulness in a dance in which the partners’ contours are deliberately blurred. It all starts with a game in which few rules are stipulated, continues as a joust in which not all elements are controllable, and finishes with an act in which the viewer is the sole judge of meaning.

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