Thibaut Ketterer

Originally from Chambéry, France, Thibaut Ketterer began to teach himself photography in 2007. Between 2010 and 2014, he criss-crossed Europe following musical group tours, which he documented with his camera.

A graduate of Cégep de Matane (2015), he is particularly interested in auteur documentary photography – the type that is characterized by human and autobiographical qualities, and which highlights regional habits and customs, and the exploitation of spaces by our businesses (including industries, urbanization, playgrounds, residential areas, etc.).

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Artist statement

In my photographic work, I am interested in the human being’s experience in rural areas – in its standards of living and place in our contemporary societies.

I concern myself more specifically with various social challenges, from the disappearance of traditional habits and customs in remote regions to the attachment to one’s birthplace (roots), in addition to visions of both young and old on their life experiences and futures in regional areas.

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