Robie Schuler

Photography, serigraphy, textile, performance

Robie Schuler


Born in Germany, Robie Schuler is living in Montréal. She first completed an acting and drama training, prior to changing her focus to visual arts. She obtained a D.E.C. in visual arts at Cégep du Vieux Montréal, then a Bachelor’s in visual arts at UQAM (due to graduate in autumn of 2020). Robie presented her piece Lexique de la violence at the Paramètres exhibition, which took place at Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme at Place des Arts, in January of 2020.

She was also selected to present a photography project for the BMO 1st Art! 2020 competition.

Having herself been a victim of domestic violence and diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, her art practice addresses the notions of trauma, its aftermath and everything surrounding violence – namely, rape culture. Her approach is often engaged and feminist.

She recurrently also works with the themes of traces, memories, and distance (both real and metaphorical) between individuals.

Robie addresses such subjects through metaphor, poetry, autobiographical fiction, and writing; also through a multitude of mediums, including installation, photography, video, and performance. She also regularly works with her family members. Complementary themes that are central in her work are empathy, then compassion (which follows empathy). She concentrates on erasing empathy bias in the viewer, with the aim of bringing back emotion and sensibility as an attempt to contribute to social changes.
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