The second cohort is composed of 23 artists including graduates of UQAM and Concordia University as well as self-taught students. In collaboration with the Montreal Arts Council, their selection was made by a prestigious jury in visual arts.

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Andrée-Anne Mercier

Painting, digital painting, installation

Andy Maple

Photography, textile, object, ceramics

Barker-Glenn Dexter

Painting, installation

Clara Painchaud

Ceramic, print media and installation

Cristel Silva Silva

Drawing, serigraphy, textile art, photography

Gab More

Painting, sculpture

Isabelle Parson

Digital photography

Lee Ahreum

Arts d'impression, photo-transfert, objet

Philip Gagnon

performance, printing art, intervention, photography

Raphaëlle Groulx-Julien

Painting, sculpture, photography

Robie Schuler

Photography, serigraphy, textile, performance