Philip Gagnon

performance, printing art, intervention, photography

Philip Gagnon


philip gagnon is interested in the limitations, as well as the conventions, of the art world.
philip gagnon prefers mediums that are not immediately perceived as artistic.
philip gagnon tends towards interdisciplinarity, mainly towards the fields of law and economics.
philip gagnon assumes a position close to trickster or jester.
philip gagnon doesn’t live on the island of Montréal.
philip gagnon is an artist who tries to distance himself from technique.
philip gagnon is a technician for artists and artist centres.
philip gagnon is also a researcher, musician, VJ, and DJ.
philip gagnon has not presented his work outside of Canada.
philip gagnon is, nevertheless, part of the International Factice.
philip gagnon would like his name to be written in lower-case letters.
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Artistic approach

Philip Gagnon conveys his artistic research through conceptual, contextual, and interdisciplinary experimentation centred around the question of limitations in the art milieu. He plays with these limitations in order to reveal conventional contradictions and uneasiness. In a desire to mix art and life, he has a penchant for mediums that are not immediately perceived as artistic. Mediation that is difficult to discern, sales of works that are not one’s own, emails asking for the impossible, and contracts containing absurd articles are some examples. Philip, therefore, uses more widespread mediums that he has at hand, depending on the intentions and contexts of production and presentation. In addition, his artistic vision borders on the fields of law and the economy, and other disciplines outside the art world. He has a tendency towards interdisciplinarity because it baits the precious disciplines of the milieu. Given that aesthetics and mediums are determined by context, for him they are simple history-based tools. The conceptual aesthetic is without a doubt the one he prefers.

Philip adopts the position of trickster or jester in order to develop what he calls “institutional teasing.” It’s a unique way to criticize institutions, through irony and humour, often in bad taste. Through teasing, his objective is to reveal paradoxes, generate critical reflection, and create spaces for sharing within an absurd world.
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