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At the heart of our system is our annual festival. It allows us to identify, support, train and promote emerging contemporary artists, as well as creating links between local art communities, the business world, new art collectors and the general public.

Every year through this event our renowned jury selects a new cohort of emerging artists to take under our wings. To support and prepare them for their professional career, alongside a high level training to propel their artistic career is offered to 23 chosen artists.

They then exhibit their artwork in an outdoor exhibition in the middle of downtown Montreal. In addition to a variety of workshops, conferences and professional mediation, this event made for a vast public aims to democratize contemporary art and initiate people to become collectors.

Orphisme Espace sensible

Espace sensible

Espace sensible is a series of outdoor exhibitions produced by Artch and aiming to promote the work of contemporary emerging visual artists of Quebec.

This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Quebec government through the call for proposals of projects to promote Quebec’s culture.

Espace sensible takes place through a variety of outdoors exhibitions all over Quebec and hosts exhibitions and conversations between different protagonists located in multiple spaces of the province. The idea of this trans-territorial project is to create links between creators to foster the promotion of Quebecers artists outside of their hometowns.
Through all seasons of the year, Espace hosts the work of local artists under its pavilions, giving them visibility outside of institutional environments all while democratizing contemporary art, being made accessible on anyone and everyone’s path.

Artch is the recent recipient of a $300,000 grant from the Quebec Minister of Culture and Communications for the Espace Sensible project. This project contributes to making Quebec culture shine on a larger scale, bringing it closer to citizens and to generating pride in the province’s emerging talents in contemporary art.

Details on our upcoming exhibitions

Gatineau (100 Victoria street, on the corner of Victoria and Notre-Dame-de-l’île)
Dans ma valise, curated by Colas Eko, Opening July 8 2022.

Rouyn-Noranda (from October 06 to December 30 2022)

Chicoutimi (from October 20 to December 30 2022)

Québec (from January to April 2023)

Trois-Rivière (from January to April 2023)

Rivière du Loup : from March to May 2023

Exposition Janna Yotte

Related projects

Thanks to many cultural partners and collaborators, we can offer multiple exhibition projects and opportunities to artists who have been a part of our previous cohorts. We create these events to offer ongoing support to the career of emerging artists and foster a growing artistic community within Artch.

We have previously been fortunate to collaborate with le LivArt, Fais-moi l’art and the Cultural center George-Vanier.

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