Louise Campion


Louise Campion


Louise Campion is a French artist living and working in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal
(Canada). She attended the Fine Arts School of Lyon (Fr), and completed her BFA in Studio Arts at Concordia University in 2019. Primarily interested in painting and drawing, her current
practice focuses on the exploration of awareness and emotional survival within a context of global violence. This year especially, she became intrigued by the dynamics of the corporate world, and its very own codes. Campion has exhibited works in galleries such as the Rialto Theatre (Montreal), la Salle Vasse (Nantes, Fr), the FOFA Gallery (Montreal) and others. She curated exhibitions at Eastern Bloc and for the Art Matters Festival at Espace 8 (Montreal) and is currently developing her series « Wondering if men in suits turn me on or piss me off », which she will exhibit with RICE Initiative at the Mutuo Art Gallery of Barcelona (Spain), in October 2020.
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Artistic approach

Louise Campion is fascinated by the corporate world. Its specific aesthetic, mindset and
mannerisms, which Campion was surrounded by for most of her upbringing, display an appeal she aspires to understand and question.

Through her paintings, she explores the unwritten rules of the extremely codified office envi-
ronment, while simultaneously trying to comprehend the motivations driving its players.
Campion is particularly intrigued by their conception of priorities and their relationship to the
notion of authority.

She focuses the energy of her compositions on the portrayal of power and charisma through
the body language of her figures—especially in the bust, the position of the shoulders, and
the gesture of the hands, creating then an atmosphere of strength in her images which she
accentuates with the use of bright and contrasting colour pairings.

In this series, Campion investigates the aesthetic of the western corporate world and its
singular vision of reality, observing and questioning the attractive value given to the idea of « power » in the collective psyche.
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