Thierry Du Bois


Thierry Du Bois


Born in Belgium in 1984, Thierry du Bois obtained a Diploma in Visual Communications from the ERG. Following his studies, he launched his career as an independent photographer for Belgian newspapers and various companies. With a specialization in political and social photography, he has covered socio-economic events, such as strikes, the Belgian government crisis of 541 days, and humanitarian crises.

In 2015, a new life unfolded for him. In love with a Québecois woman, he moved to Montréal and started his career anew with opportunities to work for different agencies and Canadian companies. Thierry has also been simultaneously developing his artistic projects. In 2016, he received Honorable Mention from the MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards) for his piece, Projet Y, which was exhibited as part of Montréal’s Nuit blanche, and published by iGNANT. In 2017, the #A_Dieu_Soleil series was exhibited as part of Montréal’s Timeraiser150 event.
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Artistic approach

At the heart of his projects, Thierry du Bois strives to establish universal formal resemblance, mixing art photography and documentary photography. He creates proximity and links between elements that appear at first glance to be opposites, by having them confront each other in the same context. With this new circumstantial identity, he also creates an alternative reality.

Through the absence of a sense of scale and a mix of real and artificial elements, Thierry pushes the viewer to inform themself on the origin of the object. Objects from daily life compel the artist, as he sees another nature in them. Framing is used to enhance forms, in addition to lighting, which is especially used to accentuate objects. Lighting enables eliminating or reinforcing some areas, and thus creating another reality that gives the object another essence. This process aims to prompt reflection on the evolution of matter and its transformation.

Photographing displays of technology, grappling with the unity of universal form, enhancing objects from other lands, working with simple materials to create another reality… Thierry invites us all to question ourselves on the impact of human production and new technologies on the environment. Does nature have enough time to assimilate overproduction? Who has the best chance of survival: the Earth or Humans?